It is very hard to talk about yourself in written form, but this is my story.

I'm Christine Mayrina, or Chrissy. I started Gypsy/Hunter because I wanted to hold the reigns to my own adventure, and in the process I found everything I needed. Many years ago, while I was still in university, I woke up in the middle of a roadtrip while a friend was on the late shift of driving. It was sunrise and we had just crossed over from Arizona into New Mexico. The sun rising over the red mesas in the desert, along with the famously beautiful clouds struck a chord in me that I have never forgotten. I fell utterly in love with the magic in New Mexico.


A few years and adventures later, my best friend and I were sharing a sunset and a couple of Pacifico beers on her rooftop in Los Angeles, and I said out loud that I wanted to be on a treasure hunt with no map. The image of New Mexican mountains rising out of the desert at sunrise was burned into my memory and I wanted to chase that feeling. I knew that there was something waiting for me there, so I packed up my life and moved to Santa Fe.


I started hunting for jewelry but I wanted to do it the right way- I wanted to learn first. I wanted to learn from traders who have been on the trails for decades. I talked for hours – and still do- with these veterans about everything from silver smith techniques and different ways to identify turquoise mines to trading post logs from the 1890s, sharing life stories and adventures from the road.


There I found my tribe- my tribe of hunters who awake before the sunrise and set out on the journey to find things that call them. The hunt is a thrill that keeps us all in the game. There is a very distinct experience of the hunt- it is one that is completely sustaining and wildly inspiring to me. I am inspired always by the beauty of the desert that travels beside me, by the idea that I may get to some rare and beautiful piece of American history before another trader, by the stories of fellow travelers and hunters. I fell in love with all there is to know about Indian arts, and even more in love with the lifestyle of those on the hunt.


So that is the very short version of my story, the story of how Gypsy/Hunter was born in New Mexico, but takes me all over the world to meet people and show them what I am about and what I love, with everything I am made of.


G/H is about the story- the romance and the history behind every single piece. G/H hangs her hat on nothing but quality, craftsmanship, beauty and antiquity. But above all, G/H is my love affair with the wild west of America… the face of the desert, the freedom of the frontiers, the history of trading posts, the artistry of Native America, the real Spirit of the West.


I hope that when you check in on this site, or on the @gypsy_hunter feed, you are able to come along for the ride with me, even for a moment, and share in this adventure and find a bit of freedom and inspiration for your own.