Santo Domingo Bird Necklace

During the Great Depression in America, people all across the country relied on their ingenuity to survive. This necklace is truly a testament to the Santo Domingo tribe's resourcefulness during such hardship. They would create these charming pieces by collecting discarded plastic utensils, batteries, vinyl records, wood, gysum and turquoise chips. They would melt down batteries and vinyl records to create the backings and adorn them with mixed materials that they found. They were only made during a very short period of time in our history, and only by a relatively small community of Santo Domingo Pueblo Indians. Each one is unique and completely hand-made and tells a very unique story of what life was like for people in a significant time in our Nation's past.


This charming thunderbird necklace is no exception; it is created with mixed materials and has such character.

First necklace measures approximately 24"L including thunderbird pendant, which measures about 2"L

Second necklace with silver beads measures approximately 29"L including thunderbird pendant, which measures about 2"L


Strung on cotton string 

Circa 1930s


**Please specify which necklace when purchasing under Special Instructions (First or Second necklace with silver beads)

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